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David Booker: Founder, Author, Facilitator, and a Career Executive


Successful Leadership Onboarding

Today, David is using his experience to support leaders as they transition into new positions, helping them fulfill their potential and accelerate the ROI for their organizations.

“My passion has always been to support people fulfill their career potential, so it was serendipity when I was asked to build a program for newly appointed leaders. When I did the research, I was surprised at how little is done to apply process to leadership onboarding. A Fortune 500 company shared with me that their annual new executive turnover is 5x greater than the turnover for their seasoned executives! 

There is a material gap in the market. Too many organizations focus only on orientation, investing little or nothing on a productive integration. This leads to what we have termed, the ‘Random Reactive Resistance Trap’; the appointed leader addresses issues as they arise (random), hasn’t yet learned the roots of the issue and acts on the surface or on instinct (reactive) and has not yet bought into the why, potentially causing unnecessary friction (resistance). 

Today my goal is to provide organizations and their new leaders with an advanced, turn-key program that supports onboarding using a facilitated, structured, pragmatic program. I created the ‘Leadership Acceleration Process Playbook’ to ensure a high quality onboarding experience every time. 

Whether you are onboarding a team leader or an executive, the goal is to reduce costly early exits, accelerate productivity, and create a deeper long-term value for all.”

David Booker

David Booker

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