Advanced Leadership Onboarding
'The Leadership Acceleration Process'
Delivered by an Experienced Executive Facilitator

Kingscroft Mission: Work with organizations who actively invest in the peak performance of their leaders.

You work hard to be known as an employer of choice, a leader in the market, and profitable for all the stakeholders. Keeping your leaders aligned and engaged will help your business achieve its goals.

Don’t fall prey to onboarding neglect leading to the ‘Random, Reactive, Resistance Trap’ common cause of early exits

Use an advanced onboarding program and an executive level facilitator. Reduce early exits, support your new leaders integration, and achieve sustainable returns.

“The Advanced Leadership Onboarding program helped me stay focused and revealed critical areas of attention during the onboarding process that would have otherwise remained in my blind spot” CMO .

Reduce expensive turnover and loss of productive momentum, and increase new leader productivity

Deliver an advanced leadership onboarding experience and show you care even before they start!

Support your leaders to quickly align, engage, and deliver on their talent potential.

Explore the entire program and all of its features

Learn the underestimated cost of early leadership turnover

Discover 7 keys to leadership onboarding success

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Deliver your own comprehensive, practical, leadership acceleration program to all your new leaders

wherever they reside and whenever they join.

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Deliver a comprehensive leadership onboarding experience to all your new leaders whenever and wherever they are appointed

Ask Kingscroft to provide a qualified facilitator to deliver the program on an as needed basis

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Access to use the program and all the features, internally,  whenever and where ever you appoint leaders

3 Phases: Mapping for Success – Building the Platform – Accelerating Performance

Dynamic, objective, Action Discussions with newly appointed leader and stakeholder.
Delivered over 16 weeks by an experienced executive and certified Kingscroft facilitator

Full suite of Leadership Acceleration Process tools for practical application that accelerate performance including Onboarding Foresights for the stakeholder, issued in a timely manner that will change the landscape without adding operational workload. In addition, tools for the appointed leader include; Where to Start, Task Management, Empathy at the Helm, Influence Mapping, Key Objectives, and many more.

Ongoing stakeholder updates with regular reviews of progress

Training and mentorship for your chosen inhouse facilitators

Facilitator’s instructor led training course to confidently deliver The Leadership Acceleration Process

Facilitator’s mentorship program including 10 facilitator’s discussions

The Leadership Acceleration Process playbook with guidance for every Action Discussion of the program

The Leadership Acceleration Process tools for Facilitator’s including templates for Action Discussions and program tracker

Deep discount for training and mentorship of additional facilitators

Priority access to executive facilitators for your CxOs

Access to ongoing program upgrades 

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Want us to deliver the Advanced Leadership Onboarding Program to your new leaders?

Engage your leaders early, keep them motivated and performing on the things that matter.

Kingscroft can provide you with an executive facilitator.
Value-add for CxOs to gain outside viewpoints.

Pre-onboarding guidance, access to tools for early alignment and quick ramp-up to productivity

Action Discussions using sequential approach to planning, setting objectives, strategizing, and more…

Connect directly with program author, David Booker. Engage in a discussion about your current leadership onboarding process. Take-away some tips to support and accelerate your new leaders alignment and productivity.

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